Vile Antifa Website Attacks Right-Wing Parkland Survivor and the Family of Victim Meadow Pollack

It’s Going Down, arguably the most well-known antifa communist website is now openly attacking right-wing survivors and the the family of a victim of the Parkland shooting and referring to them as “The Frightwing Opportunists of Parkland.”

The website also refers to the push for school safety as “dangerous” and those fighting to protect our students as “proto-fascists.”

“Perhaps the most concerning of the new batch is the Pollack family, who started ‘#meadowsmovement’ after their family member, Heather Pollack, was killed at MSD,” the anonymous IGD contributor wrote, incorrectly referring to the student as Heather. The student’s name was Meadow, hence the name Meadows Movement. “The Pollack family has very successfully organized charity events and collaborated with many of the other ‘March for Our Lives’ groups while promoting an explicitly Pro-Gun, Pro-Trump, Pro-Police agenda that is very contradictory to the overall goals of M4OL.”

The site next took aim at 16-year-old Kyle Kashov, who has been working with politicians across the political divide to come up with meaningful and bipartisan ideas to protect students.

“Kashuv is an ardent Trump and 2nd amendment supporter that hasn’t hesitated to cash in on the tragedy of MSD to be a torch bearer for our nation’s dominant white supremacist narrative. He’s currently trying to get Turning Point USA leader Charlie Kirk to speak at MSDHS,” the disgraceful article said of the student.

The website asserted that “these people seem all-too-willing to exploit it, to stop M4OL’s momentum, and to break up the liberal order here in Broward County.”

“The rush for the Democratic Party to ‘do something’ about school safety has been dangerous enough so far, but you might want to start worrying about what proto-fascists have in store for us. If they are able to build a front to give ever-greater powers to the fascist federal and state government and their police, and along the way further criminalize minority youths and the mentally ill, Parkland’s youth will indeed have died for nothing,” the article concluded.

It’s Going Down was previously removed from Patreon for advocating violence and destruction to further communist goals.

As explained in a report by Far Left Watch, IGC has previously published a communique by far-left terrorists describing their pouring concrete on train tracks — along with an instructional video on how to do so.

In another communique, they published extremists taking credit for sabotaging US infrastructure, including snipping fiber optic cables in order to disrupt internet, mobile phone, and 911 services for tens of thousands of people.


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