VIDEO: Lucian Wintrich Rails Against MSM Propaganda & Their Attacks On Free Media At The National Press Club In Washington, D.C.

As previously reported by The Gateway Pundit, Deep State operative Brennan Gilmore is using our news site, in addition to suing a number of other conservative outlets for correctly reporting on his ties to Soros, the State Department, and his far-left activism. Has admitted to CNN that all our reporting was factual, and admitted it again in a Politico article. The purpose of his impending lawsuit is sole to disrupt conservative media’s ability to report the truth.

Today, Alex Jones, Lucian Wintrich, and other noted media icons spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Below is the video of TGP Lucian Wintrich’s remarks.

Full Transcript:

There is an irony to me even speaking here, at the National Press Club. When I first moved to Washington, I applied for membership; I included with my application several stories that I broke nationally. My membership was blocked by the board here who said that I’ve done too much damage to the reputability of mainstream journalism to be granted membership.

Since the election of Trump, the mainstream media has realized that the lies and propaganda they’ve been spewing for decades is not as effective as it once was.

This latest lawsuit is part of their larger battle to control the entire media narrative and brainwash the American people. Brennan Gilmore, the man behind this lawsuit, wrote an op-ed for Politico where he did confess to having ties to George Soros, he confessed that he did work for the State Department, and he confessed that he was a far-left demonstrator.

These facts, that the mainstream media attempted to burry, are exactly what we all reported on. So why are we getting sued for reporting what Gilmore admitted to be true?

In the words of Gilmore, himself, this lawsuit’s sole purpose is to “blunt the ability” of conservative sites to operate.

This is the totalitarian nature of the left. Because Mainstream Media isn’t able to argue against the facts we present, and because the American public is no longer believes their lies, they have now resorted to attempts at shutting us down entirely.

If we allow the anti-American MSM put an end to real reporting, then the future of discourse in America will be lost to cities populated by gender-fluid babies, being protested by Soros, because a trans woman of color murdered a yet another police officer.

I don’t want to live in an America like that. I hope nobody does. Thank you.

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