UK Prime Minister Theresa May Won’t Blame Assad for Syrian Gas Attack – More Evidence Needed

The liberal media sparked international outrage this week when they accused the Assad regime with gassing his own people in Douma outside Damascus.

The video was aired by most liberal media outlets in the West without question.

The Russians say the gas attack was staged.

But British Prime Minister Theresa May is not as eager at the Democrats and liberal media to blame Assad.
She told President Trump that more evidence is needed before the West bombs the hell out of Syria. reported:

Prime Minister Theresa May has indicated that more evidence is needed before blaming Bashar al-Assad for the latest chemical attack in Syria and taking military action against his regime.

Following phone calls with U.S. President Donald Trump and French premier Emmanuel Macron, No 10 said the international community “needed to respond” but did not confirm Assad was responsible at this stage.

“[The leaders] agreed that reports of a chemical weapons attack in Syria were utterly reprehensible and if confirmed, represented further evidence of the Assad regime’s appalling cruelty against its own people and total disregard for its legal obligations not to use these weapons,” the statement read.

The UK will “continue working closely together and with international partners to ensure that those responsible were held to account”, the statement adds.

Inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) are due to visit the Damascus suburb of Douma, where between 40 and 70 people were reported to have been killed in a chlorine attack over the weekend.

The White House was less timid in naming Assad in relation to the strikes, saying in a statement after the call with Mrs. May:

“Both leaders condemned Syrian President Assad’s vicious disregard for human life. The President and Prime Minister agreed not to allow the use of chemical weapons to continue.”

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