Trump Torches Mueller Witch Hunt: “The FBI Takes Everything But They Never Took the DNC Servers” (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, President Trump conducted a joint news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe from Palm Beach, Florida.

A reporter asked the president about Mueller and Rosenstein and the Russia investigation, prompting Trump to point out the FBI never even took the DNC’s servers in order to conduct a forensic inspection.

“There was no collusion. There was no collusion with Russia other than with the Democrats, or as I call them obstructionists because they truly are obstructionists.”

“This was a hoax created largely by the Democrats as a way softening the blow of a loss,” Trump continued.

The president then blasted the FBI for their lack of interest in the DNC’s servers that were supposedly hacked by the Russians.

“The DNC server was never gotten by the FBI. Why didn’t the FBI take it? The FBI takes what they want. They go in and they wouldn’t get the server. This is a hoax,” Trump continued.

The president concluded by saying the Russia investigation is bad for the country and he’s looking forward to wrapping it up.


The FBI raided Trump’s personal lawyer’s home and office last week for dirt on Stormy Daniels yet they haven’t inspected the DNC’s severs that were supposedly hacked by the Russians.

Let that sink in.

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