Trump Blasts “Lying Machine” James Clapper For Leaking Dossier Briefing to CNN Then Lying About It

President Trump unleashed on former Intel Chief James Clapper Saturday morning after the House Intel Russia report revealed he leaked the dossier briefing to Jake Tapper then lied about it.

The much-anticipated House Intel Russia report was released Friday morning, officially clearing President Trump of any “collusion” during the election.

The House Intel report also revealed former DNI Chief, James Clapper leaked the dossier briefing to CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Clapper then lied about leaking over and over again, including under oath.

Fake News CNN then ran a story featuring James Clapper, denying Clapper leaked to CNN.

The Clapper to Tapper leak about the dossier briefing was precisely the “news hook” Buzzfeed needed to get the Russia collusion story in full swing leading up to their decision to publish the dossier in full.

Comey even confirmed this “news hook” in his Trump memos which were recently published.

President Trump blasted James Clapper Saturday morning.

Trump tweeted: “Clapper lied about (fraudulent) Dossier leaks to CNN” @foxandfriends FoxNews He is a lying machine who now works for Fake News CNN.

Clapper also lied about leaking during an interview with Don Lemon in March of this year.

Clapper told Don Lemon in March of 2018 that he didn’t have any contact with the media about the dossier before he left his government post on Jan 20th.


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