Sheryl Sandberg on Facebook’s Targeting of Conservatives: We Want People to Have “Good Psychological Experience” (VIDEO)

FOX News host Dana Perino grilled Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Friday in her first interview since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke in March.

During the interview Perino grilled Sandberg on Facebook’s assault on conservative publishers.
Since the 2016 election Facebook has targeted conservative publishers and censored conservative voices on its platform.

All of the top conservative publishers have seen their Facebook traffic suffer.

The Gateway Pundit was hit the hardest of all the top conservative websites by Facebook.

During the interview on Friday Dana Perino grilled Sandberg on Facebook’s targeting of conservatives.


Dana Perino: Would there be a willingness for Facebook to be more transparent about that algorithm so that they can feel that they are working on a level playing field?

Sheryl Sandberg: We’re definitely increasing transparency across the board. These news feed changes are important. I’d like to talk through what they were. We announced two big changes this year. The first which was the biggest involves the news feed is about meaningful social interaction. We care a lot that people have a good psychological experience on Facebook. And it turns out that research shows that when I’m interacting with a friend. So when I like someone’s photo or they do something or comment or even if it’s small. That’s very good for me psychologically… There’s a second change we made in news to show more trusted news sources. That means that the spamming, the clicking, the more outrageous stuff got dialed down. And the stuff that people trusted, both conservative and liberal, got dialed up.

Of course, this was a lie.
The recent Facebook changes have targeted conservatives while liberal sites have seen an uptick in page views.

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