BREAKING: Strzok-Page Texts Have Just Been Delivered to Congress “We Hear It Could Be Explosive Stuff”


Congressional investigators have just received ‘missing’ Strzok-Page text messages, according to investigative reporter, Sara Carter.

Congressional sources told Sara Carter they are hearing the text messages are “explosive.”

The six months of ‘missing’ Strzok-Page texts will be available to Congress Thursday afternoon after a slight delay this week.

These are the crucial months between December of 2016 up until Mueller was appointed on May 17.

Sara Carter reported:

The thousands of missing text messages between the embattled FBI lovers are expected to be delivered to Congressional investigators Thursday afternoon, after a long drawn out battle behind closed doors between the Department of Justice and Congressional leaders, this reporter has learned.


We’re expecting them this afternoon,” said a Congressional official with knowledge Thursday, with regard to the texts. “We hear it could be explosive stuff.”

It is not certain how the texts will be received by Congress but according to several Congressional sources, the redacted version of the texts will be delivered, while the unredacted version will remain in possession of the DOJ, where they can be viewed by Congressional investigators.

The DOJ’s Inspector General is now retrieving some of the missing five months of text messages exchanged between the pair of FBI agents using forensic experts to track “ghost texts,” left behind even after they are deleted from the devices, former and current law enforcement officials told this reporter.

Read Sara Carter’s full report here.

Fingers crossed, said Sara Carter from her Twitter account:


Fox News’ Shannon Bream is reporting the text messages have been delivered to 5 different congressional committees:

Update at 9:45 PM EST: Rep. DeSantis says only 49 pages of text messages were delivered to Congress.

The DOJ released only 49 pages from the Deep State lovebirds.

Rep. DeSantis to Hannity: Well Sean I think this is an incomplete production. I mean we know their texting habits. How often there were texting in other periods. This is the period, December 2016 all they way up to the firing of James Comey and then the appointment of Robert Mueller to the Special Counsel. Yet, there’s only 40-some pages there.

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