Rome in the Crosshairs: Islamic Terror Threat in Italy at All-Time High

For years the Islamic State has threatened attacks on Italy, Rome and the Vatican.

In June 2014 ISIS threatened to attack Italy with a Scud missile.

ISIS leader Baghdadi promised to conquer Rome in a 2014 statement.


In 2015 ISIS announced plans to behead Pope Francis.

In 2017 ISIS again threatened the Catholic Church leader.

This week several radical Islamists were rounded up and arrested in Italy.

But still the Interior minister says the jihadist terror threat is at an all-time high in the country.

Voice of Europe reported:

In a large scale anti-terror operation several jihadists were arrested throughout Italy. Although the police successfully intervened, Italy’s terror threat has never been so high, says the country’s interior minister in an interview with an Italian news broadcaster.

The news programme, with the interview and the anti-terror operation, was translated and posted on YouTube:

Three Tunisians were arrested in the town of Caserta and another in Naples. A Palestinian, who is considered the most dangerous, was already in prison in Rome for drug trafficking. He has a direct relation to ISIS.

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