REPORT: Media Research Center Reveals How Social Media Giants Were Caught In Massive Conservative Censorship [VIDEO]

NewsBusters has recently released a detailed report about how the major tech giants of Silicon Valley have been caught time and time again in ploys to censor conservative thought and opinion online. Unfortunately, they’ve done this with incredible success over the years. Just in the past few months, Gateway Pundit has been subjected to Facebook shadowbans, unexplained YouTube suspensions, and has had the Twitter accounts of various writers hidden from public view.

In the detailed Media Research Center report, Dan Gainor and Ashley Rae Goldenberg outline how each and every one of these tech giants has used their ability to control the flow of information and silence conservative viewpoints from the public.

Yesterday evening, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham discussed the state of social media alongside MRC’s Brent Bozell. “Among the findings, claims from former employees that Facebook hides conservative content from the trending section were backed up by a detailed study,” Ingraham said. “Google, YouTube, and Twitter partner with leftist groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, that hate conservatives. And check this out. Of the 25 members on the panel that guides Twitter’s policies, 12 are liberals and there is only one conservative. I can’t believe there is one.”

“It’s 50 pages documenting what conservatives have been suggesting has been happening. This is — it sounds hyperbolic, but Laura, this is true,” he said. “This is emerging, the greatest censorship of free speech worldwide in the history of man. Now let me explain this. The left is on a jihad against conservative thought.” Bozell went on to explain that the war on conservative thought and opinion is  “happening in academia, in entertainment, in business, religion, everywhere…Now they’re going to the social media giants. These social media giants have audiences of the billions.”

Read the full Media Research Center report here.


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