POTUS Trump Pleased After Senate Confirms Mike Pompeo as 70th Secretary of State

 Today is a busy day in the Senate.

On Thursday, the Senate finally confirmed Mike Pompeo as the 70th Secretary of State.

Mike Pompeo

The Senate confirmed Mike Pompeo as the 70th Secretary of State in a 57-42 vote Thursday.


President Trump was pleased and congratulated Pompeo.

Fox News reporter Chad Pergram with the details…

Pergram tweeted: The Senate has confirmed Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. The vote was 57-42. All Republicans present voted aye. Seven senators who caucus with the Democrats voted yes. Heitkamp, Manchin, Donnelly, Jones, Nelson, King, McCaskill.

Pompeo will be jetting to Brussels for the NATO summit Friday.

President Trump was pleased with the Senate confirmation of Pompeo.

Pompeo is honored to be the 70th Secretary of State.

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