Nasim Aghdam’s Brother ALSO Warned Police She Was Angry With YouTube Night Before Shooting Rampage

Tuesday evening, the YouTube shooter was identified as 38-year-old far left vegan activist, Nasim Aghdam.

Nasim Aghdam was furious because she was being “discriminated and filtered on YouTube.”

Aghdam’s father told a CBS reporter Nasim had been missing for several days and when police picked her up in Northern California, he warned them she was angry at YouTube.

Nasim Aghdam’s brother also warned police in advance after he discovered his sister had driven all the way from San Diego to Mountain View, which is just miles from the YouTube headquarters.

KGTV reported:

“I Googled ‘Mountain View’ and it was close to YouTube headquarters, and she had a problem with YouTube,” her brother said. “So I called that cop again and told him there’s a reason she went all the way from San Diego to there, so she might do something.”

He said police told the family they would keep an eye on her, but 12 hours later, the shooting happened.

“So they didn’t do anything and she got killed,” her brother said. “And three or four more people got hurt.”

Nasim Aghdam ranted on her YouTube account about being discriminated against. YouTube was censoring her videos through a filter and she became furious.

Video of Nasim Aghdam ranting about being discriminated against by YouTube:

YouTube employees took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon to report hearing shots and seeing people running from the scene, as police surrounded the building.

Police radio transmissions describe casualties being taken to local hospitals,” CBS reports.

Four people were injured in the shooting; Nasim Aghdam is deceased.

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