Media Silent As Women In Europe March Against Increasing Rape By “Refugees” [VIDEO]

Saturday, women gathered in Austria’s capital to protest against the ever-growing rape epidemic in Europe. Left-wing activists from Europe’s “ANTIFA” wing attempted to shut-down the demonstration until the police had to intervene. I guess they don’t believe in the #MeToo movement?

That didn’t stop left-wing activists, however, with some demonstrators throwing eggs at the female marchers.

More viaWochenBlick [Translated]:

After introductory speeches at the Vienna Ballhausplatz, the protesters marched peacefully towards the German Embassy. In this way, they wanted to express their solidarity with further German protests against asylum and immigrant violence!

During several speeches at Ballhausplatz, clear criticism was made of the noticeable increase in asylum-seeking violence against the weakest in our society. “I want our children to live as safe as we once were able to,” said one Viennese woman. 

Sharp criticism also had Vienna’s mayor Michael Häupl (SPÖ) and the Greek-born deputy mayor Maria Vassilakou (Greens). Häupl was apparently more important to drive with the Bim to the “splash-drinking” than to take care of the concerns of its citizens, stressed a speaker. Also a subject: The scandalous judgment of Tullnand the never-ending attacks of asylum seekers on young women.

But the brave women of Vienna do not want to be shut up. “Without free speech there is no free people,” a speaker emphasized emphatically!



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