Matt Drudge Taunts Obama After President Trump’s Approval Rating Tops Obama by 4 POINTS at Same Time of His Presidency


A daily presidential tracking Rasmussen poll has President Trump at a 50% approval on April 2, 2018.

Matt Drudge taunted Barack Obama on Monday morning over the poll numbers.

Barack Hussein Obama was at 46% on April 2, 2010.


Matt Drudge taunted Obama on Twitter (screenshot below because Drudge deletes his tweets)

Chart showing Trump vs Obama via Rasmussen:

Imagine what President Trump’s poll numbers would be if over 90% of the media coverage wasn’t negative.

Obama was propped up by the propagandists in the fake news media and his poll numbers were still lower than Trump’s.

President Trump also crushed Obama in a Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll on February 7th of 2018.

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