Mueller Told Trump’s Lawyers President Is NOT A Criminal Target, Yet …Trump Team Should Never Trust This Man

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that special counsel Robert Mueller notified President Trump’s lawyers last month that their client is currently not a criminal target in the Russia probe. 

Via WaPo:

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III informed President Trump’s attorneys last month that he is continuing to investigate the president but does not consider him a criminal target at this point, according to three people familiar with the discussions.

In private negotiations in early March about a possible presidential interview, Mueller described Trump as a subject of his investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Prosecutors view someone as a subject when that person has engaged in conduct that is under investigation but there is not sufficient evidence to bring charges.

The Trump lawyers should never trust Mueller. Never.
Trump is still Mueller’s number one target.

President Trump’s lawyers are in the process of negotiating with special counsel Robert Mueller to bring the Russia probe to an end, reported Rebecca Ballhaus and Peter Nicholas of the Wall Street Journal.

President Donald Trump’s lawyers are seeking to negotiate a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller that uses an interview with the president as leverage to spur a conclusion to the Russia investigation, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

The president’s legal team is considering telling Mr. Mueller that Mr. Trump would agree to a sit-down interview based on multiple considerations, including that the special counsel commit to a date for concluding at least the Trump-related portion of the investigation. One idea is to suggest a deadline of 60 days from the date of the interview, the person said.

Yet, the question remains, is Mueller running out of time to prove President Trump colluded with Russia to win the White House?

While many argue the probe should have never existed, one Republican Congressman has said that he believes Mueller’s time is nearly up.

Washington Times reports:

Rep. Francis Rooney said Thursday he believes it could soon be time for special counselor Robert Mueller to bring an end to his Russian probe. […]

“Unfortunately for Mr. Mueller, despite his great reputation, he hasn’t found anything that we know about yet, so if they don’t find something they need to wrap it up,” Rooney told CNN in March.

“He hasn’t found collusion or successful interference, he has just found that the Russian’s tried, and I think we need to have these sanctions that the president signed and the House and Senate passed last summer show them that there is a price to pay for that,” Rooney added.


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