Los Alamitos, California Mayor Says Several More Cities Ready to Vote Against Gov. Brown’s Sanctuary State Policy (VIDEO)

Los Alamitos, California mayor Troy Edgar joined Stuart Varney on Wednesday to discuss Governor Jerry Brown’s sanctuary state policies.

Los Alamitos was the latest California city to buck the sanctuary state policies of Governor Moonbeam. Los Alamitos voted 4-1 to exempt itself from SB-54, which limits police cooperation with federal immigration authorities like ICE.

Twelve cities and two counties currently oppose the liberal governor’s sanctuary policies.

Troy Edgar Los Alamitos, California mayor says several more cities are going to come forward and oppose Governor Brown’s sanctuary policies.


Mayor Edgar: I’ve sent letters to over 500 mayors and city counsel members up and down the state. I’ve been spending hours every day talking to counsel members and mayors, activists in their communities, how they go about it. And I think you’d be really surprised at all of the cities that are ready to come forward. They’re just really trying to maneuver through this process. It’s a tough one.

Via Varney and Co.:

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