Loretta Lynch Admits She Told Comey to Call Hillary Email Investigation a “Matter” Then Throws Him Under the Bus (VIDEO)

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch sat down for an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt to discuss Comey, Hillary’s email investigation and the infamous tarmac meeting she had with Bill Clinton in June of 2016.

In a sneak preview of the interview set to air Monday night, Loretta Lynch told Lester Holt Comey never raised concerns with her over her decision to call Hillary’s email investigation a “matter.”

Former FBI Director James Comey previously said in a testimony that Loretta Lynch’s decision to refer to Hillary’s FBI probe as a “matter” rather than an “investigation” gave him a strange feeling.

Loretta Lynch threw Comey under the bus in her interview with NBC’s Lester Holt when she told him Comey never raised concerns with her over her decision to call Hillary’s investigation a “matter.”

Lester Holt asked Loretta Lynch, “James Comey was testifying before Congress in June of last year and he noted that you had asked him to call the Clinton probe a matter, not an investigation–he said, it made him feel, I’m paraphrasing, it made him feel strange. What did you mean when you said matter instead and not a investigation?”

“Well, you know I heard about that testimony, I didn’t watch it at the time, but it was brought to my attention later and people were raising it with me,” Lynch responded.

“My first response was, ‘what, you know, where is the issue here?’ I remember specifically talking with him – as we talked about sensitive things on a number of occasions,” she continued. “We often would have to discuss sensitive matters, sensitive issues, terrorism and the like, law enforcement policy and the like.”

“This was a very sensitive investigation as everyone knew,” she claimed. “And the issue when he and i sat down at that time, which i think was early in the fall of 2015, was whether or not we were ready as an department to confirm an investigation going on, when we typically do not confirm or deny investigations into anything with rare exceptions.”

Lester Holt pressed the issue again and reiterated Comey noted it bothered him that Hillary’s investigation was labeled a “matter” to which Lynch responded, “We had a full and open discussion about it…concerns were not raised.”


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