Local Mexican Officials Block Caravan of Illegal Aliens From Moving Freely Through Their Town

A ‘caravan’ army of over 1,200 illegal aliens from Central America are marching their way through Mexico to the U.S. border where they will either seek asylum or illegally cross the border.

The invading migrants are organized into groups and sub-groups like an army. 

The caravan is organized and led by a group called Pueblos Sin Fronteras.

On Monday, the Buzzfeed reporter embedded with the migrant army, Adolfo Flores said local Mexican officials aren’t letting the caravan of people move freely through their town.

Flores did not specify which town blocked the migrant army.

Photo of illegal aliens via Adolfo Flores Twitter


Adolfo Flores tweeted: Local officials aren’t letting the people in the caravan move freely though town. Only letting them out of the soccer field, where migrants slept, in small groups.

Part two: It’s day nine of the caravan. People are lining up for supplies as they wait to hear how the group will move forward today.

President Trump warned Mexico about letting illegal aliens and drugs flow through Mexico into the U.S. on Sunday morning in a tweetstorm.

Trump specifically called out the invading army of illegal aliens from Central America marching to the U.S. border.

In one of Trump’s tweets, he said “NO MORE DACA DEAL!”

Trump continued to hammer Congress and the caravan army of illegals into Monday morning.

Video of the invading army celebrating as they cross through the Mexican border from Guatemala to make their way to the U.S. is shocking.

Many of the illegal aliens are military-aged men.

We have no idea who they are or what kind of diseases they may have. ISIS fighters and MS-13 gang members are most likely embedded in the horde.

Local Mexican officials don’t even want the invaders moving freely through their towns yet the U.S. is supposed to just take them in? NOPE.

In case you missed it, video of the invaders pouring into Mexico as they march towards the U.S.:



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