GOP Lawmaker on Comey Memo Leaks to Media: “Was Rosenstein In On It?” (VIDEO)

Media was set ablaze on Thursday night after the much-anticipated Comey memos were finally released by the DOJ to Congress.

The memos contained classified information.

This didn’t stop Comey from giving the memos to a friend to leak to the liberal press in order to prompt a special counsel investigation into Trump.

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) wants to know if Comey was talking to Rosenstein about leaking his memos since the Deputy AG drafted the jurisdiction, ultimately creating the special counsel investigation.


Was Rosenstein in on Comey’s media leaks? Most likely…

Congressman Lee Zeldin appeared on Fox News on Friday to discuss Comey’s memos.

“James Comey leaked classified information to the media.” Zeldin began.

Zeldin said he believes it’s worse that Comey leaked classified information because he’s the FBI Director.

Was he talking to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein about these leaks? Comey admitted he leaked the memos in order to prompt a special counsel.

Rosenstein is the one who drafted the jurisdiction appointing Mueller as a special counsel.

“I would also be interested in knowing, was he speaking to Rod Rosenstein at the time? Did Rosenstein know? When these were being leaked to trigger a special counsel–it’s Rod Rosenstein who actually signs the document creating the special counsel. Was he completely in the dark or was he actually in on it?” Zeldin asked.


Inspector General Horowitz is now investigating James Comey over his classified memos.

The Wall Street Journal reported at least two of the memos Comey gave his friend contained classified information prompting Inspector General Michael Horowitz to conduct an investigation.

Experts however, say all 7 memos are considered classified.

This was all a set up. With the help of the crooked media, Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, Hillary, Obama et al were ALL in on this attempted coup against a duly elected president.

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