Former US Attorney General: When Comey Wrote His Notes They Were Classified – Those Were Government Memos (VIDEO)

Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey joined Laura Ingraham on Friday night to discuss the Comey private memos that were finally released to Congress on Thursday night.

Mukasey told Laura the Comey memos belonged to the government and were classified the minute he wrote them down.

Michael Mukasey: I think we ought to put to rest something one of your guests said in the last segment about how well the memos weren’t marked classified at the time. They were classified as soon as he wrote them. I had an experience when I started as AG of taking notes at a meeting at a top secret procedure. And when I got up to leave the meeting my then chief of staff leaned over and wrote in big block letters at the top TS/SCI meaning “top secret, secured compartmentalized information.” In other words, those weren’t my notes, those were the government’s notes. And those weren’t Mr. Comey’s memos, those were the government’s memos.

Via The Ingraham Angle:

President Trump also weighed in on this today.

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