Fired AG Sally Yates Lashes Out at Trump ‘Firing Rosenstein Would Be an Unconscionable Assault on the Rule of Law’

Former acting Attorney General, Sally Yates lashed out at President Trump on Saturday and warned him ‘firing Rosenstein would be an unconscionable assault on the rule of law.’

Rumors are flying of Rosenstein’s imminent firing; a lawmaker drafted articles of impeachment for the Deputy AG on Friday.

Rosenstein misled the FISA court when he signed off on the FISA application knowing Hillary’s phony dossier was used as pretext to get a warrant.

Dirty Rosenstein also threatened members of Congress if they didn’t back down from their investigation into FISA abuses.

If anyone deserves to be fired and disbarred it’s Rosenstein and Mueller.

On Saturday, Sally Yates lashed out at Trump on Twitter.

Sally Yates tweeted: Make no mistake about what’s at stake here: firing Rosenstein would be the same unconscionable assault on the rule of law as firing Mueller. He controls scope of the Mueller investigation and what becomes public. Both D’s and R’s should reject sham excuses to fire Rosenstein.1/2

Yates then said, “no one is above the law” 2/2 And you can’t fire a prosecutor because you’re unhappy he approved a search warrant that relates to your own conduct. No one is above the law.

If no one is above the law, then why hasn’t Sally Yates been prosecuted yet for her crimes?

Sally Yates was one of the corrupt DOJ officials who misled the FISA court and signed off on the FISA application along with her partners-in-crime Rosenstein and Comey.

No wonder why she’s sticking up for Rosenstein and Mueller.

Rosenstein is protecting her as well since she’s up to her eyeballs in corruption.

President Trump fired the hack Sally Yates in January of 2017, shortly after he was sworn into office because she refused to enforce the travel ban.

The former acting Attorney General told Justice Department lawyers not to defend President Trump’s order on halting refugees from dangerous countries.

Sally Yates believes she’s above law and has demonstrated that with her criminal behavior.


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