Donald Trump Jr. Says What We’re All Thinking After Vehicle Rams Over Crowd of Pedestrians in Germany

As TGP’s Josh Caplan just reported, several people are dead after a minibus (terrorist) rammed a crowd of pedestrians in Munster, Germany.

The driver subsequently shot and killed himself, according to a Daily Mail report.

Update: Police found a ‘suspicious object‘ in the vehicle used to plow into the crowd.


Update: AP reports other perpetrators may have fled the scene.

Isn’t Merkel’s Germany wonderful?

Donald Trump Jr. said what we’re all thinking after the news broke.

Police are now treating this as a terror attack after warning people not to ‘speculate.’

Saturday’s attack in Munster, Germany falls on the anniversary of the Stockholm attack which left several people dead and injured after a beer truck plowed into a crowd.

MIRROR UK reports:

A van crashed into a crowd of people outside a restaurant in Germany this afternoon – killing three people and injuring more than 30 others.

Authorities are treating the incident, which happened outside the four-star eatery Grosser Kiepenkerl, in Münster, as a terror attack – although this is yet to be officially confirmed.

First pictures from the scene show a busy pedestrianised square with a mass of chairs and tables in disarray moments after the smash.

Families previously enjoying food and sunshine close to the Kiepenkerl statue appear scattered; tending to victims and pointing towards the devastation

Donald Trump Jr. responded to the terror attack. Let’s not jump to conclusions guys…(sarcasm)

Don Jr. tweeted: Let’s not jump to conclusions, but this doesn’t sound like a simple accident to me.

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