Deep State FBI Hacks Are Shielding “Unclassified” Comey Memos from Congressional Investigators (VIDEO)

The Deep State FBI will not allow Congressional investigators to review “unclassified” Comey documents without supervision.
The FBI will only allow lawmakers to view the unclassified documents in secret safe rooms.

The FBI is a criminal organization.
** They break down doors and raid homes of innocent Americans in the middle of the night.
** They refuse access of “unclassified” documents for Congressional review.
** They redact information from classified documents to protect their criminal activity.

Byron York: the public needs to know. There is too much secrecy out. I was writing today about the Comey memos. The fired FBI director is planning his big book selling extravaganza to start this weekend. And these memos that Comey wrote are being treated like the highest state secrets inside the Justice Department. Members of the Oversight Committees have asked to see them. They’ve only been allowed to be seen by one or two people. There’s an FBI minder in the room all the time, no copies are allowed, no note taking is allowed. Most of these things are NOT EVEN CLASSIFIED!

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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