Commie NY Governor Cuomo Issues Cease and Desist Letter to ICE Agents Demanding the Immediate Halt of Their ‘Unconstitutional Actions’

The Commie Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo issued a cease and desist letter to ICE agents Wednesday demanding they immediately stop their ‘reckless and unconstitutional enforcement actions.’

Governor Cuomo is upset ICE agents arrested hundreds of violent criminals last week, including murderers and child rapists so he sent a cease and desist letter to ICE demanding they stop.

Cuomo then stated he will also be issuing an Executive Order prohibiting ICE arrests in state facilities.

Cuomo first tweeted: I am issuing a cease and desist letter to ICE to demand the immediate stop of their reckless and unconstitutional enforcement actions.

Cuomo tweeted: I am also issuing an Executive Order prohibiting ICE arrests in state facilities and prohibiting state agencies from inquiring about immigration status.

Last week, Immigration and Customs Agents were forced to take matters into their own hands after the NYPD refused to follow orders. In a six-day blitz titled “Operation Keep Safe,” ICE agents made 225 arrests, 180 of whom were convicted of numerous crimes.

According to an ICE press release, “more than 80 had been issued a final order of removal and failed to depart the United States, or had been previously removed from the United States and returned illegally.”

New York City’s ‘sanctuary’ status under Mayor Bill DeBlasio has prevented the NYPD from doing more than ‘catching and releasing’ illegals, even those convicted of multiple crimes. Looking at the following list, you might remember the flak that then-canidate Trump took for pointing out the disproportionate number of crimes committed by illegals. One look at those rounded up below and there is a sigh of relief that these 225 people will no longer be in our country…. unfortunately there are millions more that still need rounded up…

Rep Lee Zeldin (R-NY) ripped Andrew Cuomo.

Zeldin responded to Cuomo: “This guy is out of control. King Cuomo actually believes that the law is whatever he says it is. No constitution, legislature or statute will ever take precedence over this man’s political ambitions.”

DHS Spox responded to Cuomo.

Americans were furious and slammed Cuomo:

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