CHAOS IN NICARAGUA! 25 Dead, Riots in Street, REPORTER SHOT DEAD During Filming (VIDEO)

Riots broke out in Nicaragua this week after Marxist President Daniel Ortega announced social security reforms.

The government responded to the rioters by dispatching the military.

At least 25 people were killed in the four days of rioting.

San Luis Obispo reported:

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said Saturday that his government is willing to enter into talks over social security reforms that have sparked four days of protests and clashes in which, rights monitors say, at least 25 people have died. A journalist covering the unrest was also killed.

In a nationally televised address, his first public appearance since the demonstrations began Wednesday, Ortega said he is open to negotiations so that there is “no more terror for Nicaraguan families.”

But he said the dialogue would be just with business leaders and not with other sectors of society. He also seemed to try to justify what has been a heavy-handed response by the government and allied groups, accusing demonstrators, most of them university students, of being manipulated by unspecified “minority” political interests and of being infiltrated by gangsters.

“What is happening in our country has no name. The kids do not even know the party that is manipulating them. … Gang members are being brought into the kids’ protests and are criminalizing the protests. That is why they are put at risk,” Ortega said.

One reporter was shot dead while reporting on the rioting and violence.
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