Candace Owens Responds to CNN Hater: “Look It’s CNN, I Don’t Think Anyone Takes Them Seriously Anymore” (VIDEO)

Kanye shocked fans when he met with the incoming president at Trump Tower in 2016.

On Saturday West again outraged liberal elites when he tweeted, “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.”

On Sunday Candace Owens went on FOX and Friends to thank Kanye and respond to her liberal critics.


One critic Barari Sellers from CNN tweeted this out to Kanye West on Saturday:

Candace Owens leveled this CNN hack:

Candace Owens: I have said publicly that I believe Donald Trump saved the West. Thus they are now trying to make that a biblical. They are trying to misconstrue that into something biblical. Look, it’s nastiness but look it’s CNN. I don’t think anyone really takes them seriously anymore.


Via FOX and Friends:

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