Buzzfeed’s Illegal Migrant Caravan Reporter Posts Story of Woman Claiming to Be Widow of Vietnam Vet on Way to US to Claim Benefits (VIDEO)

Buzzfeed reporter Adolfo Flores posted a video interview from the illegal migrant caravan in Mexico with a 38-year-old Honduran woman who claims she was married to an elderly Vietnam veteran she met in San Diego when she was a teenager. The veteran reportedly died last year at age 85. The woman told Flores she was threatened by gangs who thought she was receiving the veteran’s Social Security benefits and was traveling to the United States to claim his benefits and see if he started her citizenship application. The interview was conducted in Spanish.

“Martha, 38, from Honduras was married to a Vietnam vet who died last year at 85. They met when she was a teenager in San Diego and lived most of their lives in Honduras.”

“When he died the gangs, believing she was receiving his social security money, threatened to kill her. Now she’s trying to get to the US to see if she can get that money and see if her husband did file paperwork for her US residency.”

Flores did not report on whether the woman applied online with Social Security or if she went to the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa to apply for survivor benefits and check on any citizenship applications.

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