BREAKING: Trump to Sign Proclamation to Send US National Guard Troops to Mexican Border IMMEDIATELY (VIDEO)

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen held a press conference at the White House Wednesday afternoon to discuss President Trump’s plans to secure the border with troops.

Nielsen announced President Trump will be signing a proclamation to send the U.S. National Guard to the Mexican border immediately.

“Today is the day,” Nielsen told reporters in the press briefing room.

Sec of DHS Kirstjen Nielsen stated the constant flow of drugs, crime and illegal aliens across the Mexican border must be dealt with immediately.

“While plans are being finalized, it’s our expectation the National Guard will deploy personnel in support of CBP’s security mission. It will take time to have the details in place but we are beginning today and we are moving quickly,” Nielsen continued.

“The urgency, however, cannot be underscored. We will be doing this today under the President’s direction,” Nielsen said.

Video via Fox News:

President Trump said Tuesday to press pool reporters he will use the military to guard the border against the caravan of illegal aliens marching their way to the United States from Mexico.

President Trump told reporters, “Until we have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military.”

Although the caravan of illegal aliens is beginning to splinter into smaller groups with organizers abandoning their mission to march to the US border, many of the migrants plan on pressing forward to reach the United States.

Mexican drug cartels, illegal aliens and other criminal activity must be stopped at the US border.

We need a wall and we need Congress to dismantle Obama’s dangerous ‘catch and release’ policy which caused asylum applications to explode.

Update at 9:15 PM EST: President Trump just signed the proclamation directing the National Guard be deployed to the Mexican border:

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