“Turn Back To The Revolution”: Black DNC Official Calls For Dems To Use ‘Black Panther’ Tactics To Win 2018 Midterms (VIDEO)

In a speech Saturday, the Democratic National Committee’s Black Caucus chairwoman Virgie Rollins called on the Democrat Party to adopt tactics once used by the Black Panther Party to win the 2018 midterm elections. 

Daily Caller reports:

Virgie Rollins discussed being a “former Black Panther” at a town hall in Detroit on Saturday and explained how Democrats should mimic their “grassroots” community organizing strategies heading into the 2018 elections.

“I’m a former Black Panther,” the Democratic National Committee’s Black Caucus chairwoman stated. “When we talked about the movement… it was important for us to make people understand that it was about the movement for us, educating us.”

“We’ve got to be out here in masses in the midterms,” she continued. “It’s all about changing the Congress now.”

“They cannot win without black folks and women, so it’s up to us.”

“We’re going to do grassroots organizing in this election,” Rollins closed. “That is so important.”

“We’ve got to turn back to the revolution, because it’s important. They depend on us.”

DNC vice chair Keith Ellison was in attendance for the event.

Here is Ellison touting the Town Hall event.


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