Belgian Camera Crew Pelted with Rocks by Muslims in Brussels No-Go Zone (VIDEO)

A Belgian camera crew was pelted with rocks while covering a story on current affairs in a suburb of Brussels.

The crew can be heard screaming as the youths hurl rocks at their vehicle.

Russia Today reported:

A Belgian TV crew has reported being pelted with stones while recording footage for a current affairs program in a troubled suburb on the outskirts of Brussels.

A cameraman from ‘Terzake,’ a daily Flemish current affairs show broadcast on the TV channel Canvas, captured the images in Peterbos, a neighbourhood of Anderlecht, southwest of the capital Brussels. The area has been the scene of a number of violent attacks on police and other public workers in recent times. “Our cameraman Ludwig was filming outside when he was suddenly pelted,” said reporter Lauwke Vandendriessche.

Footage filmed from inside the program-makers’ vehicle shows two hooded figures throwing stones from a distance. One man dressed in a grey tracksuit and dark sunglasses comes a little closer before firing a seemingly large rock at the passenger-side window.

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