Attorney Gregg Jarrett Warns “Things Will End Badly For Comey” After Reading Former FBI Chief’s New Book

Fox News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett warned “things will end badly for Comey” after reading the former FBI Director’s memoir “A Higher Loyalty.”

Attorney Gregg Jarrett stated he obtained a copy of Comey’s new book in advance of the April 17 release date.

By the time Jarrett was halfway through the book, he said there is nothing that even resembles the truth in Comey’s writing.

After Jarrett finished reading Comey’s book he shredded the former FBI Director for writing a book of fiction then warned “things will end badly for Comey” because “he stole government documents.”

Jarrett then slammed former intel Chief James Clapper for defending Comey. “Clapper should be in prison for perjury,” Jarrett said.

Fired FBI Director and attention whore, James Comey, is causing quite a stir with his new memoir “A Higher Loyalty,” set to hit shelves April 17.

In his new book, Comey personally attacks Trump and appears to be using information from his classified memos.

Comey penned 7 memos stemming from 9 conversations he had with Trump. The FBI deemed the memos to be government documents so Comey was not allowed to take the memos with him after he was fired.

Although 4 out of 7 of the memos contained classified information, experts argue all of Comey’s memos are considered classified.

Comey should not be on a book tour, he should be prosecuted and put in prison.

Comey’s interview with sycophant George Stephanopoulos airs Sunday evening at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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