At St. Louis Event Republican Josh Hawley Attacks Claire McCaskill for Her Hollywood Fundraiser with Obama (VIDEO)

Senator Claire McCaskill remains seriously unpopular in the Show Me State where President Donald Trump won by nearly 20 points in the 2016 election.

So the committed Democrat has scheduled a fundraiser with Barack Obama in Hollywood on May 6th.
She needs the cash.

Missourians don’t like her radical hard left record so she is forced to look elsewhere for cash to compete in Missouri.

Tonight in St. Louis County Republican Josh Hawley slammed McCaskill for her upcoming fundraiser with the Hollywood elites and failed president Barack Obama.


Hawley knows McCaskill is going to spend all of her money on attack ads since she can’t run on her terrible record in Missouri.

So Josh Hawley made sure everyone was aware where Claire’s support is coming from — and it ain’t Missouri.

Josh Hawley: Here’s all you need to know about Claire McCaskill, she’s voted with Chuck Schumer 90% of the time… She’s the number one take from lawyers and lobbyists in the United States Congress. Number one. That is hard to do. She’s one of the biggest takers from Hollywood from the United States Congress. In fact, in just a few weeks she is flying to Hollywood for a fundraiser headlined by President Obama.

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