Doing the Work Americans Won’t Do: Illegal Aliens Indicted on Felony Charges After Voting in 2016 Election

Five Lake County, Illinois ‘residents’ have been indicted on felony charges related to the 2016 general election.

Three out of five people indicted are illegal aliens charged with ‘misrepresenting their citizenship’.

How could this be? The Democrats say we don’t need voter ID because voter fraud is just a right-wing conspiracy theory.

Chicago Tribune reported:

The charges against the five local residents began with information uncovered by the Lake County clerk’s office, and then the cases were developed through an investigation by the Lake County state’s attorney’s office.

Assistant State’s Attorney Fred Day said the cases all involve alleged crimes stemming from the Nov. 8, 2016 general election, and the lengthy time frame prior to charges included initial discovery of the alleged crimes by the clerk’s office, followed by the need to interview both witnesses and those eventually charged in the cases as part of the investigation.

According to Day and court records, Marcelo Villaruz, of Beach Park, was charged with perjury for allegedly misrepresenting his citizenship prior to voting. His wife, Gina Villaruz, was indicted on the same charges. Both are scheduled to be arraigned March 21, as are the other three defendants.

Day said that Janet Pokryfke, of Mundelein, was charged with voting more than once, and perjury for allegedly casting both mail-in and walk-in votes in the general election.

Finally, Marvin Hershman, of Riverwoods, was charged with two counts of voting more than once and one count of perjury, according to Day.

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These illegals aliens most likely voted because they listened to Barry Obama.

Obama encouraged illegal aliens to vote right before the 2016 presidential election.

Criminal Obama assured illegal aliens that nobody would be able to track them down and there would be no repercussions if they voted in the election so they had nothing to worry about.

Obama also told the illegal aliens, “when you vote, you are a citizen yourself and there is not a situation where somehow the voting rolls are transferred over and people start investigating etcetera.”

Certainly this is the tip of the iceberg.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton had this to say about illegal aliens voting in elections:

“Most tend to vote Democrat. It’s a fact,” he continued. “There’s been a study out of Old Dominion University that shows it is enough of a vote to sway elections, one way or another. It may have resulted in election, specifically, of Al Franken to the United States Senate, and all the bad things politically or public policy-wise that happened as a result, like Obamacare and things like that.”

This is why the Democrats fiercely fight against voter ID laws.

Democrats cannot win elections without voter fraud.

We need voter ID laws in order to save the Republic.

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