WAYNE ALLYN ROOT=> NBAT: “Never Bet Against Trump”

By Wayne Allyn Root

Trump’s first year was amazing. Ask the Heritage Foundation. They rate Trump as better than President Ronald Reagan in his first year. Trump fulfilled more conservative goals and objectives (by far) than Reagan. That makes Trump the most successful conservative president ever- after one year.

But that’s one year. President Trump has a long way to go. That’s like being ahead 21-0 in the first quarter of a football game. It sounds great, but I’ve lost quite a few of those. The jury is still out on whether Trump becomes the greatest conservative president of all time.

But year two began with a controversy. Trump signed that $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill last week. As I made clear on my national TV and radio shows late last week- I disagree, I disagree, I disagree. I was angry. I was disgusted. I was outraged. This was my first-ever disagreement with President Trump and I was disappointed.

The President should have vetoed that bill 100 out of 100 times. That’s certainly what I would have done. But Trump isn’t a traditional conservative. He isn’t a traditional Republican. He isn’t a traditional politician. He doesn’t play by normal rules. He plays at whole different level.

So, I learned an important lesson: NBAT: “Never Bet Against Trump.”

Trump is amazing. I’m not angry anymore. Bill Clinton was called the “Comeback Kid.” But this is ridiculous. Trump made a comeback within hours. He made up for his mistake…times ten.

First, I’m no longer sure it was a mistake. My DC insiders tell me Trump pulled a fast one on Democrats. This is not a budget, it’s an omnibus spending bill. Which means Trump can ignore Congress’ instructions on where to spend the money allocated. Trump can take the money and spend it however he wants- just as Obama did. Trump can use that precedent to ignore the bad Democrat priorities in this omnibus bill and instead redirect the money to his priorities- like the wall with Mexico.

My DC insiders report Trump can use his presidential powers to declare the wall with Mexico a “national security emergency” and redirect $25 billion of military spending towards building the wall. And as a bonus, there’s enough new military spending in this omnibus bill to reinvigorate the U.S. military that Obama almost destroyed through neglect.

But even assuming things aren’t so cheery and Trump can’t do everything above, he still won me back within hours. This is Trump’s genius. He distracted liberals, critics, and the mainstream media. While they were busy gloating over the omnibus bill, Trump was back to his real job- relentlessly erasing Obama and fundamentally changing America back to the country conservatives once knew and loved.

Within hours of signing the omnibus bill, the conservative victories piled up…

*Trump issued an Executive Order banning most transgenders from serving in the military. Thank you, President Trump.

*White House insiders reported Trump will soon announce he is scrapping Obama’s rule that prevented public schools from suspending law-breakers if they were minorities. Now if you commit a school crime, you’ll do the time- no matter the color of your skin. You don’t get off easy because you’re a protected race. Thank you, President Trump.

*White House insiders report Trump will throw out Obama’s Iran deal on May 12th. This is the worst deal ever negotiated in world history. Thank you, President Trump for protecting the citizens of America and Israel.

*The Trump administration just decided to reinstate the citizenship question into the U.S. Census. Can you imagine, liberals think it might insult or frighten people who’ve committed crimes, to ask them if they’ve committed a crime. Thank you, President Trump for restoring sanity to America.

*Trump’s tough talk and vows to impose trade tariffs brought China to the negotiating table. China’s premier pledged earlier this week to make access for US companies in China easier; to treat US and Chinese companies equally; and to crack down on the theft of intellectual property rights.

Trump did it again. He really is amazing. He really is superman. He really is playing chess, while the rest of us play checkers. Mr. President, you’re the greatest. I’m sorry I ever doubted you!

NBAT: “Never Bet Against Trump.”

Wayne Allyn Root is the host of “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” on Newsmax TV, nightly at 8 PM ET, found on DirecTV channel 349, Dish TV channel 216, or at http://www.newsmaxtv.com/Shows/The-Wayne-Allyn-Root-Show He is also a nationally syndicated radio host of “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” found at http://usaradio.com/wayne-allyn-root/


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