VIDEO=> Sacramento Black Lives Matter Protesters Jump on SUV in Traffic, Smash Window as Terrified Driver Speeds Away

Black Lives Matter activists protesting the police shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, California last weekend took to the streets of the city on Friday where they attempted to block traffic. Video taken by a local reporter shows the activists blocking and jumping on the hood of a SUV in traffic, then smashing the rear window on the vehicle as the driver speeds off to escape. The driver is not readily seen, but appears to be a woman as the protesters repeatedly called the driver, “Bitch!”

Screen images show protesters jumping on hood of SUV and kicking front of SUV. Note the young children being used to block traffic.

ABC 10 reporter Frances Wang posted the video with reporting that appears to blame the driver for provoking the violent behavior by complaining to the protesters blocking traffic:

“A woman angry about the protestors walking through the streets said something to anger them, tried to drive off. As you can see, that didn’t end well & protestors smashed out her windows. #StephonClark”

UPDATE: Frances Wang posted she didn’t blame anyone for the attack on the woman driver, “Nobody blamed anyone. I simply explained what happened. She tried driving off and things didn’t end well. That’s a fact. Cc @KristinnFR”

CBS Sacramento posted video from behind the SUV that shows a man smashing the rear window.

The CBS affiliate reported the attack took place near Cesar Chavez park.

Screen images show protester smashing rear window of SUV, then walking away as the vehicle speeds off.

The Sacramento Bee posted video of protesters blocking and mocking another driver.

The liberal lynch mob must be obeyed. Or else.

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