‘Only Their Victims Can Tell Them Apart’: Street Artist Creates Mock Ads for ‘Twins’ Featuring Schwarzenegger and Weinstein

Fake posters for the classic movie “Twins” popped up all over Southern California on Wednesday, except this updated version featured former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger alongside accused rapist Harvey Weinstein.

In the controversial street art, Schwarzenegger is wearing a “No fossil fuels” button while Weinstein dons an anti-NRA badge. The accused rapist has vowed to “fight the NRA” to make up for his years of victimizing women.

While appearing at SXSW, Schwarzenegger claimed that he is in the process of speaking to lawyers about suing oil companies for contributing to “global warming.”


“Only their victims can tell them apart,” the tagline for the mock movie poster reads. The signs also feature the slogan #MeToo.

The posters, a work of right-wing street artist Sabo, were placed all around  Venice Beach and Santa Monica, near Schwarzenegger’s office.

Schwarzenegger has been pitching a sequel to Twins, called Triplets. The movie would feature himself and DeVito alongside Eddie Murphy.

There’s probably no need to explain the reference to #MeToo on the poster, but the ‘their victims’ line refers not only to the women Weinstein is accused of harassing, but also allegations from more than a decade ago that Schwarzenegger also mistreated women he worked with in Hollywood, though on a much smaller scale. Schwarzenegger finalized his divorce with Maria Shriver just last year,” the Hollywood Reporter noted.

Sabo told THR that he singled out Schwarzenegger over his virtue-signalling about the environment while he was “tooling around the streets of Hollywood in a huge Hummer back in the days when the skies were literally brown.”

Sabo has been trolling Hollywood for years, but has been especially fond of skewering the #MeToo movement and the hypocrisy of those who remained silent for decades as the abuse continued. He made headlines during the Oscars for placing billboards around the city blasting the entertainment industry’s silence.

“Name names on stage or shut the hell up!” one billboard read. “And the Oscar for biggest pedophile goes to …” another mocked.

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