Tucker Carlson Brilliantly Mocks Joy Reid for Claiming Trump is ‘Racist’ Over Joke About Nancy Pelosi

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blasted MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Tuesday evening after she demanded that President Donald Trump was “racist” for making a joke about Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi has recently been claiming that mowing the grass around the Mexican border will help to secure it without a wall. In response, Trump joked that her new campaign slogan could be “mow the grass.”

Naturally, Reid decided that the joke was racist.


“Most cable new shows are pretty varied, they cover a lot of topics,” Tucker said. “But over on MSNBC, Joy Reid’s show is the exception. Her show has only one topic — how everyone who disagrees with her is a racist. She’s not a civil rights advocate, she’s just a monomaniac. Take a look.”

The show then cut to a montage of Reid calling things racist.

“That’s the whole show really, every week — so no need to watch,” Carlson asserted before cutting to the clip of her claiming the Pelosi joke was racist.

Reid claimed that the joke was a “slap at Mexican Americans.”


“So is Pelosi the secret Grand Wizard?” Carlson laughed.

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