TRUMP WARNS: My Administration Stands in Solidarity With the Brave Citizens of Orange County Fighting California’s Illegal Sanctuary Policies

President Trump wants the brave citizens of Orange County, California to know his administration stands in solidarity with the people defending their rights against the state’s illegal and unconstitutional sanctuary policies. 

On Tuesday, Orange County, California voted to bypass state rules and work with the federal government and ICE officials.

And on Monday the Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced it will publicly post inmates’ release dates in order to assist ICE agents.

In response to the vote, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra threatened to arrest the Orange County Sheriff for holding criminal illegal aliens for ICE officers.

President Trump blasted the lawlessness in California and let the citizens of Orange County know they have a right to be protected by Federal law and strong borders.

Trump tweeted: My Administration stands in solidarity with the brave citizens in Orange County defending their rights against California’s illegal and unconstitutional Sanctuary policies. California’s Sanctuary laws….

Part two: ….release known dangerous criminals into communities across the State. All citizens have the right to be protected by Federal law and strong borders.

Enough is enough; it’s time for the taxpaying citizens to take their cities back from the invaders.

Many cities in Orange County are beginning to fight the state’s sanctuary law.

Los Alamitos just voted to exempt the city from the ‘California Values Act,’ and many others are following suit.

Orange County, once a conservative stronghold in Southern California has been flooded with illegal aliens and Middle Eastern ‘migrants’ (by design) over the years causing the county to go blue. The county is still conservative to the core which is why they are finally fighting back.

In early March, Trump’s Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the state of California for protecting illegal aliens.

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