Tom Fitton Reacts to Report AG Sessions Mulling Firing McCabe: Donald Trump Should Demand Action

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is mulling firing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe after an internal review recommended he be terminated.

McCabe is currently on ‘terminal leave’ and is set to retire on Sunday with his full pension.

If McCabe is fired before Sunday, he will not receive his government pension.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton reacted to the news and called for President Trump to demand action.


Judicial Watch has been on the front lines fighting McCabe’s corruption with FOIA lawsuits.

Thanks to Judicial Watch, we know Andrew McCabe recused himself from Hillary Clinton’s email investigation only ONE WEEK before the 2016 presidential election despite obvious conflicts of interest.

Fitton tweeted: [email protected] caught FBI #2 Andrew McCabe red-handed in conflict of interest scandal involving Clinton crony $ for his wife’s campaign. Now Sessions must decide whether to fire him for allegedly lying about leaks. @RealDonaldTrump should demand action. …

AG Sessions is reviewing an internal report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz as he decides McCabe’s fate.

According to Horowitz’s report, McCabe authorized illegal leaks to the media and misled the Inspector General’s investigators.

As previously reported, according to the New York Times, McCabe authorized a leak to the Wall Street Journal which led to an October 2016 article that revealed an internal dispute between the FBI and DOJ about how to handle Hillary Clinton’s email investigation that had just been reopened after classified emails were found on Weiner’s laptop.

President Trump previously blasted McCabe for trying to run out the clock in order to receive his taxpayer funded pension.

President Trump is aware of what McCabe is doing. Hopefully he demands action just like Fitton called for.

Americans should not fund McCabe’s pension after what he did to weaponize the FBI, mislead the FISA court among other criminal actions.

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