“TICK TOCK”: Sean Hannity Set To Reveal “HUGE DEVELOPMENT” In Uranium One Scandal?

Fox News’ Sean Hannity is set to reveal a “huge development,” on his Wednesday evening program. 

“Tick Tock… Huge development today, will break tonight on Hannity 9 EST.”


As The Gateway Pundit reported this week, Hannity will be interviewing  FBI informant William D. Campell tonight about the Uranium One scandal.

Via Hannity:

HANNITY: “I am actually going to interview Mr. Campbell on Wednesday of this week.”

In his first on-camera interview, Campbell revealed to Solomon that he was questioned in December by FBI agents from Little Rock, Ark. for five hours. The field office is reportedly investigating whether donations to the Clinton Foundation were used to influence U.S. nuclear policy during the Obama years.

VIDEO via The Hill


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