They’re Not Sending Their Best: Immigrant Drugs, Molests 74 Year-Old Woman in Wheelchair

They’re not sending their best.

Fode Doukoure
The 23-year-old immigrant was arrested after drugging and molesting a 74-year-old woman.

She woke up and her underwear was on backwards.

Doukoure was living in her home(?)

Via Penn Live:

Fode Doukoure spent most of his time staring at the floor of a Cumberland County courtroom Monday before he pleaded guilty to drugging and molesting a 74-year-old West Shore woman.

And though his plea agreement will trigger the 23-year-old West African native’s prompt release from county prison, it seems unlikely he’ll be staying in the U.S for long.

This was a bizarre case which was resolved moments before a jury was to be selected for Doukoure’s trial on a lengthy list of charges.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Charles Volkert Jr. said Doukoure was accused of molesting the woman not once, but twice, while living at her home.

The victim, who attended Monday’s court hearing in a wheelchair, claimed Doukoure first fondled her in her Lower Allen Township home in July 2016, Volkert said.

The second time was more frightening. Volkert said the woman told investigators she was sitting at her computer when Doukoure doused her with pepper spray, then put a rag over her nose and mouth that made her pass out.

That rag was soaked in chemicals similar to chloroform, the prosecutor said. “It rendered her unconscious and it could have killed her,” he told Judge Christylee Peck.

“She woke up and…her underwear was on backwards.”

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