Swamp Strikes Back: FBI’s Andrew McCabe Likely Eligible For Smaller Pension Even If Fired

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe faces the possibility of being fired after an internal review recommended he be terminated. 

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering a recommendation to fire former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and could order his ouster this week, shortly before Mr. McCabe’s expected retirement, according to a person familiar with the matter. Mr. McCabe allegedly wasn’t forthcoming with investigators probing the disclosure of information to a Wall Street Journal reporter for an October 2016 story about an inquiry into the Clinton Foundation, said the person. Mr. McCabe left his post in January after he was told to step aside, but had been expected to take leftover vacation time until he was eligible to retire this month after a decadeslong career with the agency. A spokeswoman for Mr. Sessions said in a statement that the Justice Department “follows a prescribed process by which an employee may be terminated,” and said she had “no personnel announcements at this time.”

POLITICO reports:


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