Is Something Brewing? Sessions Says He Appointed Someone “Outside of Washington” to Look at Allegations House Judiciary Committee Sent DOJ

Attorney General Jeff Session sat down with Fox News’ Shannon Bream for an exclusive interview set to air Wednesday evening at 11 PM EST.

Fox News’ Jake Gibson gave a sneak peek into the interview prior to the release.

Shannon Bream tweeted out a preview of what we should expect from her interview with AG Sessions.

From sanctuary cities to whether we’ll get to see those FISA applications – plus his response to the Gowdy/Goodlatte call for a new Special Counsel 11p @foxnewsnight @FoxNews


Fox News’ Jake Gibson then sent out a quote from Sessions’ interview with Bream that had everyone asking, “what does this mean?”

Gibson tweeted: Sessions on calls for second Special Counsel: “I have appointed a person outside of Washington, many years in the Department of Justice, to look at all the allegations that the House Judiciary Committee members sent to us and we’re conducting that investigation.” @ShannonBream

On Tuesday, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) demanded the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate FISA abuses 

Last week, GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin sent a letter to AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions urging him to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate FISA abuses and how/why Hillary’s probe ended and Trump’s Russia probe began.

At the time of this publication, thirteen GOP Reps. have signed Zeldin’s letter.

Will Sessions reveal he appointed a special counsel tonight in his interview with Shannon Bream?

Stay tuned. The Gateway Pundit will be reporting on this development.

Video clip of Sessions telling Bream he’s going to seriously consider their recommendations for a second special counsel:

Some of the reaction from Trump supporters:

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