SARA CARTER=> Nunes’ Russia Report: Leaks “Potentially Endangered Lives” and “Damaged National Security”

As previously reported, former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper allegedly leaked information to CNN, an investigation has revealed.

On Thursday, Chairman Nunes submitted the House Intel Committee’s Russia report to the Intelligence community for a declassification review in order to provide a redacted version to the public.

According to Nunes’ Russia report, leaks to the press “potentially endangered lives” and “damaged national security.”

Sara Carter reports:

The committee’s findings revealed that classified leaks alleging the Trump campaign may have colluded with Russia dramatically increased after the election and some of those leaks “correlate to specific language found in the Intelligence Community Assessment,” which had not been released at that time. It also noted that former Obama Director of National Security James Clapper, who is now an analyst at CNN, provided inconsistent testimony about his contacts with the media, specifically CNN, as previously published by this reporter.

The Russia report is based on interviews of over 70 witnesses and 300,000 documents, according to Chairman Nunes.

From the Intelligence Community’s assessment of leaks to the press, including from James Clapper via Sara Carter:

  • Leaks of classified information regarding Russian intentions to sow discord in the U.S. presidential election began prior to the election day – Nov. 8, 2016.
  • Leaks of classified information alleging Russian intentions to help elect candidate Trump increased dramatically after election day – Nov. 8, 2016.
  • The leaks prior to the classified Intelligence Community Assessment’s publication, particularly leaks occurring after the U.S. presidential election, correlate to specific language found in the Intelligence Community Assessment.
  • Continued leaks of classified information have damaged national security and have potentially endangered lives.
  • Former Director of National Security James Clapper, now a CNN national security analyst, provided inconsistent testimony to the committee about his contacts with the media, including CNN.

The story about Obama officials briefing Trump about the dossier which was published by CNN propelled the story to the public. Shortly after CNN ran the story about the briefing, Buzzfeed published the entire 35-page Hillary-funded Russia dossier.

Clapper subsequently released a statement wringing his hands over the media leaks claiming the leaks are “extremely corrosive and damaging to our national security.”

Clapper also said of the dossier:

 “We also discussed the private security company document, which was widely circulated in recent months among the media, members of Congress and Congressional staff even before the IC became aware of it. I emphasized that this document is not a U.S. Intelligence Community product and that I do not believe the leaks came from within the IC.”

Fast forward to 2018 and we have reports James Clapper indeed relied on Hillary’s phony dossier to compile his joint IC report.

House Intelligence Committee members are accusing former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper of providing ‘inconsistent testimony,’ about his contacts with the media. 

Now it looks like Clapper was the leaker all along. If there is any justice left in this country, Clapper, Brennan, Comey and other corrupt criminals from the Obama administration will be locked up for their lawlessness.

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