Roseanne Barr Trolls Hollywood ‘If You’re Boycotting Oscars Tonight, Read My Tweets Instead’

Roseanne Barr decided to troll Hollywood Sunday evening announcing she will be live tweeting during the Academy awards to entertain people who are boycotting the show.

Roseanne Barr is considered a Hollywood outsider since she is a Trump supporter.

On Sunday she trolled Hollywood from her Twitter account and announced she will be live tweeting to entertain people who are boycotting the awards show.

Given Roseanne Barr’s sense of humor and disdain for liberals, it should be entertaining.

Roseanne started off with some light trolling.

Roseanne then tweeted, “live tweeting w vod and home made grapefruit juice.”

Roseanne Barr then told her followers just to read her tweets, “If u r boycotting oscar tonight, just read my tweets instead.”

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Roseanne Barr finally started tweeting late into the evening…

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