Richard Grenell Drops Truth Bomb After Ben Rhodes Foolishly Slams President Trump’s Foreign Policy

Richard Grenell, President Trump’s pick for U.S. Ambassador to Germany, dropped a truth bomb after Ben Rhodes slammed the Trump White House’s foreign policy. 

Grenell showed Rhodes who’s boss after he praised Colin Kahl’s thread warning against Trump’s ‘militarization of US policy.’

Kahl was the former National Security Advisor to Vice President Joe Biden.

Praising the thread, Rhodes tweeted, “By escalating conflicts, hollowing out State, pulling out of agreements, alienating allies who could share burdens, and dismissing diplomacy, Trump is militarizing foreign policy and risking more wars.”

That’s when Richard Grenell shredded team Obama’s foreign policy with one simple tweet.

“Fact: Team Obama’s style of diplomacy helped turn Syria into a genocide, allowed DPRK to launch 16 missile tests in 2017 & gave Iran a plane full of cash.”

As The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported this week, Sarah Huckabee Sanders highlighted Richard Grenell who is the Trump nominee for Ambassador to Germany. Grenell has been waiting for months for his confirmation by the US Senate.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Half of President Trump’s nominees are still waiting for confirmation in the Senate. The obstruction is so out of control even some senate Democrats believe it’s inappropriate. Senator Amy Klobacher, a senator from Minnesota, said, “I don’t believe we should be holding nominees hostage. Enough is enough.” We need people who are qualified to fill these important positions in our government. in the coming days we will be highlighting specific nominees who as the senator said, are being held hostage by Senator Schumer. Take for instance, Ric Grenell, the president’s nominee to serve as the ambassador to Germany. Mr. Grenell, a Harvard educated experienced diplomat was the longest serving US spokesperson at the United Nations. He was nominated last year. He was reported out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with bi-partisan support. He is waiting to represent America’s interests and be our country’s top voice in a G7 country. In short Senator Schumer’s hyper-political delay on Mr. Grenell puts our national security and America’s foreign policy in jeopardy.

We need all conservatives to start pressuring Mitch McConnell to do his job. The White House just said “confirm Ric”. What is Mitch waiting for?

He can call the vote anytime. He doesn’t do it because he is required to use 30 hrs of floor debate In order to force a vote. But he should do it.

Dems can’t stop a vote from being scheduled. It’s time for McConnell to get to work.

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