POTHOLE REBELLION: Street Artists Blast LA Politicians for Putting Welfare of Illegals Over Americans

Street Artists in Los Angeles put up street signs this week across the city calling out the City Council on their sanctuary city policies.

The signs warned against potholes and read “REPAIR FUNDS Diverted To Subsidize Welfare For Illegal Aliens Thanks To Your City Council Members” and listed City Council members Gil Cedillo, Paul Koretz, Herb Wesson, Mike Bonin and Jose Huizar.

The signs appeared in downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood (near Paramount Studios), midtown and Bel Air.


The anonymous artists claim “The roads in LA are worse that Tijuana, driving here sucks and it’s their fault. The city is shirking its responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for lawful citizens to placate illegals and steal elections. The State of California and Los Angeles are out of control, and the Marxists in City Hall need to know that the people of Los Angeles understand what they are doing and are fed up. There’s nothing like hitting a 6″ pothole on your way to work to rattle your brain and ruin your car.”


The signs did not go unnoticed.

Here’s a Pothole sign in Hollywood.

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