Planned Parenthood Calls For Disney Princess WHO HAS HAD AN ABORTION

This is not The Onion: Planned Parenthood has gone completely off the rails and is now calling for a Disney princess who has had an abortion.

In the now-deleted tweet, the Keystone, Pennsylvania, affiliate of the organization also called for a transgender princess, a “pro-choice” princess, an illegal alien princess and a union worker princess.

The grotesquely morbid tweet is a perfect example of how out of control this nation is spiraling in the name of representation and inclusion. A campaign to make Elsa from Frozen a lesbian in the film’s sequel has gained massive momentum online from social justice warriors that the films are not even made for.

Disney’s animated movies are made for children, not adults — which should not even need to be said.

“There are so many unanswered questions about the prospects of Abortion Princess, though. Will the devices used to perform abortions be included, like forceps and the manual vacuum aspiration used to dismember and suck out the child? Will we get a breakdown of the costs of the procedure? How about the value PP got for the ‘fetal tissue’? Will the physical and emotional scars so often left for the women who’ve had an abortion be acknowledged?” Amanda Prestigiacomo asked for the Daily Wire.

Earlier this month, the organization also drew scorn and mockery after a tweet which read “SOME MEN HAVE A UTERUS” over and over. That tweet now seems intensely boring and bland compared to the concept of wanting to glorify abortion to young children.

Disney animation is marketed to and meant to be appropriate for children as young as three years old.

Ben Shapiro eloquently responded to Tuesday’s disgusting tweet with the comment, “We need a Disney princess who uses her royal authority to defund you stupid a**holes.”


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