Disgraceful! Paul Ryan’s $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Will Double H-2B Visas for Low-Skilled Laborers

The Paul Ryan-Nancy Pelosi Uniparty easily passed the record $1.3 trillion omnibus bill on Thursday.

The final vote was 256 to 167.

A majority of Democrats helped Paul Ryan pass the bill.

The bill funds all of the Democrat pet projects and spends less than .1% on the border security barriers and no wall.

Now this…


The Ryan Omnibus plan also will double the H-2B visas in the United States.

Center for Immigration Studies reported:

The new spending bill covering the remainder of the fiscal year includes a provision to again allow the Department of Homeland Security to exceed the annual cap on admissions of unskilled non-agricultural workers. This step, if fully implemented by USCIS, potentially would add as many as 63,000 additional H-2B guest workers next year, nearly doubling the size of this program. According to the latest statistics released by USCIS, the H-2B program already has been growing steadily, despite high rates of un- and under-employment for U.S. workers who could do these jobs.

The H-2B program allows employers to hire temporary foreign workers to fill low-skill, non-agricultural positions. The law provides for an annual cap of 66,000 visas per year, with a few exceptions. There are three steps to the H-2B process…

…H-2B workers are intended to fill positions requiring little to no education or advanced skills. It is helpful to think of these jobs as ones that a typical high school or college student could do during their summer break.

The Center for Immigration Studies released this video on the H2-B program.

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