Parkland Student Cameron Kasky Threatens Lawmakers: ‘Stand For Us Or Beware!’ (VIDEO)

During his speech at the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, Parkland school shooting survivor Cameron Kasky issued a warning to lawmakers who stand in the way of the movement’s objectives. “Either represent the people or get out … Stand for us or beware: The voters are coming,” Kasky warned. 

Mediaite reports:

Cameron Kasky began his address by telling the hundreds of thousands gathered “welcome to the revolution.” Stating that he’s been asked if he believes that “any change is going to come” following the tragic Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, he told the crowd to “look around” because “we are the change.”

“We must educate ourselves and start conversations that keep our country moving forward, and we will,” Kasky exclaimed to cheers. “We hereby promise to fix the broken system we’ve been forced into and create a better world for the generations to come. Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”

Kasky went on to state that the people of the country now “see past the lies” and the “corrupt aren’t controlling our story.”

“Politicians either represent the people or get out,” Kasky declared.

“The people demand a law banning the sale of assault weapons.”

“The people demand that we prohibit the sale of high capacity magazines. The people demand universal background checks. Stand for us or beware.”

“The voters are coming,” Kasky warned.

Following his remarks, Kasky took to Twitter to tout the event’s success.

“I’m so excited for the future of this country. Thank you all. The world is about to change for the better.”


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