NY Times’ Maggie Haberman Makes Unsourced Claim Aides ‘Decided to Whisk’ Pres. Trump to Golf Course After Sunday Morning Twitter Storm

Who’s the boss? According to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, President Donald Trump went golfing on Sunday under orders from White House aides who ‘whisked’ him to a golf course trying to keep him from tweeting and watching TV. Trump went on a Twitter storm Sunday morning about the Russia collusion investigation and alleged corruption at the highest levels of the FBI.

Haberman’s unsourced, unverified report was not reported by the New York Times, but it did the damage intended as it was repeated by several liberal outlets and went viral on Twitter as it confirmed liberal bias of Trump as a child who must have his Twitter taken away by adults.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

Haberman wrote, “Aides have decided to whisk Trump to a golf course today.”

CNBC reporter Christina Wilkie, in a separate tweet, echoed Haberman’s take that Trump is bossed around by his aides, “Trump just arrived at his Sterling, Va., Trump National golf club. It’s only 44 degrees outside, but it was pretty imperative that Trump not spend the entire day inside watching television.”

Pool reporter Tara McKelvey with the BBC told Haberman reporters were “whisked” to the press vans for Trump’s trip to the golf course, “”Whisked” is right – members of the pool were told to rush – (i.e. run) – to the vans in the motorcade at the White House. We’re here at the golf club now, waiting for developments”

Haberman replied with a comment that mirrored Wilkie’s on the cold and TVs, “Feels a bit cold for golf. But fewer TVs there”

McKelvey, in a departure from media group-think, said the weather was fine, “It’s lovely here – sunny and bright – a nice day to be outside”

Haberman also used her expert psychoanalyst opinion in a reply to herself to diagnose the President, “Trump enjoys getting himself into traps and seeing if he can get himself out. Same way he returns to reporters whose coverage he hates – he wants to see if he can convince them the next time and get what he considers a “good story””

Curiously, the New York Times did not use Haberman’s twitter report alleging aides ‘whisked’ Trump to the golf course. Instead, Peter Baker simply wrote, “After his Twitter blasts on Sunday morning, he headed to his golf club in Virginia.”

However, Haberman got what she wanted implying Trump is bossed around by his aides. Slate included her tweet at the conclusion of their article on Trump’s Sunday morning tweet storm.

Raw Story wrote an article parroting Haberman’s tweet, “White House aides ‘whisk Trump to a golf course’ after Sunday morning Twitter meltdown: report

Tommy Christopher, writing at ShareBlue also parroted Haberman, “Panicked White House rushes Trump off Twitter and onto the golf course

Crooks and Liars headline, “White House Staffers ‘Whisk Trump To A Golf Course’ To Short Circuit Sunday Twitter Tirade: Report

For the record, the last time a president was whisked on or off the golf course was the day Osama bin Laden was killed, May 2, 2011. On that day President Barack Obama was pulled from the golf course at Andrews and whisked back to the White House so fast he was still wearing his cleats.

Obama then did a photo-op in the Situation Room. He spent the rest of the day playing cards with his bodyman Reggie Love while others oversaw the bin Laden raid, according to Love.

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